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Packed with Features to Run Your Community

Your community comes with proven features and systems to grow your free or paid subscription community. And unlike those social media platforms, you're the boss and fully in control of your community.

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What Comes Standard

BrandArmy is your all-in-one community subscription, management, and monetization solution that's easy to setup and run. Let's take a deeper look at what makes our platform so powerful.


Fully Responsive Web App

Our modern and gorgeous UI looks and works great on your mobile phone or computer! Intuitive and smooth user experience best describes our fully responsive application.


Full Stack

Built with software to scale and built to protect and deliver media assets around the world - BrandArmy is powered by the best and latest tech available.


Pushing Code

New features and improvements are continuously being pushed to production to keep the platform humming like a well-oiled engine. Every week the platform adds new code and every so often new features or optimized flows for conversions or engagement improvements.


World-Class Developers

The same engineers that built a multi-billion dollar marketplace enjoyed by millions every day are the architects and builders creating the technology, infrastructure, and experience powering your community, and experience.



From total earnings to a breakdown of earnings by transaction type. All accounting for all transactions comes standard under the hood and since you own your data you can download your community user and transactional data whenever you'd like.



BrandArmy is always ready to help and serve from ongoing platform and tech improvements to access to our Creator Support team.



We leverage the same technology moderating the biggest creator-audience monetization platforms in the world.


Encrypted Media Storage

With our own proprietary Image & Media Storage and Serving Technology, securing content is always a top priority.

Key Features

BrandArmy is loaded with robust proven features you'd expect to run a successful and well-engaged online community.



Algorithms can kick rocks - we don't do that. You 100% control if you want all or a specific group of your community to see any of your posts, livestreams, and more. You're the boss and will control who sees your content - as it should be.



Powerful and robust and more importantly - proven. Millions of dollars have been made with our unique subscription system. Launch a free or paid subscription community.


User Generated Content

User generated content (UGC); You can create and share content (photos, videos, textual, and livestreams). Post engagement includes 'likes' and threaded comments and replies.



Enjoy easy and intuitive direct messaging with your audience. You can share most common media files like photos, videos, audio files, and PDFs.


HD Livestreaming

Our livestreaming is natively built-in. Enjoy High-Definition (HD) interactive streams with real-time chat and live reactions. Your community can directly support your stream with donations or fee-entry stream. Save your livestream to a feed or feeds for playback for those that didn't catch you live. Reporting providing at conclusion of stream.



Engagement and activity notifications natively via system and email. Always stay updated with chronological notifications for both creator and community subs/followers.



A premium feature you can turn on or off at any time is our popular pay-to-chat feature. Many creators have so many subscribers/followers that pay-to-chat helps filter and prioritze high-priority messages received. Enjoy pricing different levels of subscribers or lists with specific individualized pricing. And if you have any friends or family or even moderators you can add them to a list that excludes them from ever having to pay to message and communicate with you.


Mass Messaging (MM)

Send communications or messages to everyone in your community or specific lists or groups. Send to those that are online when you send or choose to send to those that joined your community after a certain date. Share photos, videos, PDF, audio files, and textual messages! For paid MM receive reports on buyers and non-buyers. Resend MM to those that didn't buy to continuously test pricing and captions to turn lurkers into buyers with premium content.

100% Reach Control

No worry about algorithms - we don't do that. You 100% control if you want all or a specific group of your community to see any of your posts, livestreams, and more. You're the boss and will always know who is seeing your content. Unlimited lists/groups to create and target.



From balance, to connecting your bank account for withdrawal of funds - everything you need including detailed transactions breakdown comes standard with your community channel. Bonus: Export CSV files of transactional and user data...quickly and easily...anytime!

And There's More...

BrandArmy offers a wide variety of features and tools to help you best engage and connect with your community. No two community channels look the same - launch yours today!



Your paid or free community comes with multiple monetization features that have earned BrandArmy creators millions of dollars.


Payouts - Domestic & International

With creators around the world having their community hosted on BrandArmy paying out is viable for both USA domiciled creators and creators living abroad. Within your dashboard follow the prompts to add your funding choice and to intiate withdrawals.



For monthly subscriptions rebilling is a must-have for your community. Harder that it might look rebilling is a key feature for a seamless experience for all paying subscribers being rebilled.


No Passwords

How to keep hackers away? Don't use passwords. A method gaining popularity through acceptance that helps reduce hacking is having no login passwords where accounts can only be accessed with a code sent in real-time.


Payment Management

Some of your users will get new credit cards or have to cancel existing cards being rebilled. So payment management allows for your users to update their credit card of preference for financial transactions.


Transaction History

To the penny all of your transactions are registered and tracked and are always available to view. Enjoy detailed reporting of all transactions via your dashboard or download a CSV file for all transactions.


Chargeback Management

When accepting credit cards for payments you eventually have users asking for refunds and some chargebacks. We use the best technology to minimize fraud and chargebacks with KYC measures and software.


But wait... There's more...

Launch your free or paid community today and enjoy all the features and benefits listed and so much more. Get started today and starting earning!

Monetization Options

With BrandArmy you have various monetization features to choose from to start, run, and grow the monetization side of your community. Millions and millions have been earned by our creators with these features...

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Subscription Feeds

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Pay-to-View Messages

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Pay-to-View Feed Posts

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Tipping 4+ Ways

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Launch Your Community

If you want to invite, gather, engage, organize and connect with a group online, look no further. BrandArmy offers the most powerful all-in-one solution for paid and free communities.

BrandArmy is the all-in-one turnkey platform for free or paid online communities.

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