HD Livestreaming - Only the Best for Your Community

Low latency high-definition livestreaming with chat in real-time and reacts and reporting give you the best experience for you and your community. Charge for live or include as a benefit with subscription.

Easy of Use

Our livestream feature is easy to use and intuitive to go 'Live'. For those attending your 'live' the experience is natural with clear streaming video.

Live + Community

Connect in a fun and easy way by going live with your community. Pro Tip: Be consistent with times you go 'live' weekly and you'll see your attendees and engagement increase!

Our HD Livestreaming also Includes...

Audience engagement features like real-time chat and donations makes for a more fun way to livestream for all types of creators and influencers with their audiences.


Control Reach

Go live with your entire community, specific feed subs or specific lists of your community you've created! Your reach is always under your control!


Real-Time Chat

With real-time chat you and your community members will enjoy a more natural and fun interaction. It doesn't feel clunky, creating the smoothest and best experience to connect when chatting!


Don't Pay More

With your turnkey community you'll enjoy the benefit of high-definition livestreaming that comes as part of your basic benefits. Whether your're streaming to hundreds or thousands you don't pay more.


Stream Title/Description

Before going live you're prompted to add a title and description. Be descriptive to maximize attendees. Subs and followers will see a post on their feed that indicates you're 'live'.



At the finish line of your livestream you are given a report on total count of attendees, who attended, total donations earned, and time length of stream.


Viewer Count

When 'live' you'll always know how many are watching. When you end stream you'll get a report with total number attended and who did attend.



When live your stream attendees can show their support through donations or tips. Or run contests or games where donating is part of the experience.



In additional to textual responses your livestream viewers can let you know what they're thinking or feeling with reacts in real-time.


Paywall Live

In addition to being able to offer your subs and followers a livestream they can attend for free, you can paywall your livestream. With a few clicks when starting your livestream you can charge whatever price you want for your subs and followers to join your stream.


Save or FOMO

When you're done, save your stream to your feed and share with subs/followers that couldn't attend the live or with specific lists/groups. All comments and reacts are also saved. Or FOMO it and choose option to 'Delete' the stream and make those that couldn't attend deeply feel the power of FOMO.

How Much Can I Make?

Dream a little and see what you can earn with different levels of subscribers and at different price points. With BrandArmy you're the boss with your community and control pricing. Generate passive monthly income.

Number of Subscribers

Monthly Subscription Price

You Could Earn


per Month from Your Subscribers

Launch Your Community

Stop renting and start owning. You've rented your audiences on the big social media platforms long enough - now, own and be in full control of your community. Promote your new online community and pull in your most supportive audiences to one place to call home. You've spent countless hours posting content for 'free' on social media and now you can launch your own community and generate a consistent and reliable income stream!

BrandArmy is the all-in-one turnkey platform for free or paid online communities.

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