Proprietary Image & Media Storage and Serving Technology

All your content and assets are vaulted in a secure, enterprise grade, encrypted vault.


Anti-Piracy Protection

Original, high fidelity assets are never served in their original format - protecting your content from piracy


Unique Fingerprints

Our image serving system generates unique images each time they are served, generating a uniquely fingerprinted image for each authenticated user that can be tracked and traced back to the point of serving, if you find an image, we can track who saw it, and when (in Beta)

We generate encrypted short-lived URLs when a unique image is served, that is unique to the time at which the unique image is served to a unique viewer, meaning sharing of URLs in private groups is ineffective.

BrandArmy Echo/Sonar
Monitor & Crawling Technology

Pinging across the internet looking for any stolen content and sources who leaked it


Launch Your Community

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