BrandArmy's proprietary subscription technology powers a robust and feature-rich solution for community-minded creators. With unlimited feeds - paid or free, creators launch on BrandArmy to give their social media audiences one place to come together in support of their favorite social media personality or organization.

Are you on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch

and looking to funnel a dedicated community to one place. Leverage your social media accounts as growth channels for your BrandArmy free or paid subscription community. Now you can move your rented social media audiences to one place where you control everything from your reach to content shared to pricing if running a paid subscription or membership community.

Built-in Natively

With our subscription technology you can start a subscription-based community, free or paid, in minutes. Set up is simple and intuitive. Create your community, upload content, promote to your social media audiences, and launch your community!

Paid or Free (mium)

Offer free or paid follow or subscription options. Our data shows having a free and paid subscription option captures the best % conversions. A % of your community needs time to 'kick the tires' and 'try before they buy' versus those ready to financially support with a paid subscription.

Unlimited Subscriptions

Creators with communities know their audiences have different characteristics. Some will prefer paid subscriptions while others prefer a free follow option. Leveraging BrandArmy's subscription technology you can run multiple subscriptions at different price points and share/post unique benefits and content for each one.

Paywalled Content

With your best audiences from your social media channels in one place you can offer your best content paywalled behind subscription or through various monetization features that come standard with your BrandArmy channel.

How Much Can I Make?

Dream a little and see what you can earn with different levels of subscribers and at different price points. With BrandArmy you're the boss with your community and control pricing. Generate passive monthly income.

Number of Subscribers

Monthly Subscription Price

You Could Earn


per Month from Your Subscribers

Launch Your Community

With BrandArmy powering your community and subscription needs, you’re ready to start inviting and promoting your new community to your social media audiences. Launch your community and connect digitally closer than ever before with YOUR audiences you’ve grown over the years!

BrandArmy is the all-in-one turnkey platform for free or paid online communities.

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