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TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat creators, influencers, Facebook group leaders, and organizations go to BrandArmy to launch creator-controlled communities

Your Community Where You're the Boss

A BrandArmy community comes with all the right features and tech to manage, connect with, engage, and monetize your social media audiences or organization.


Fully Responsive

Modern and intuitively designed platform built for conversions and a smooth user experience for both creators and users. Looks great on mobile or desktop.


Community Control

Simple but powerful settings and features let you customize your community experience with ease. Adjust as needed anytime.



Our proprietary tech powers your free or paid community subscriptions. Paywall exclusive. premium or early drop content, different subscription levels, and more.



100% of all posted content on your feed is served to 100% of your subscribers. Subs sent notification and email of posts, messaging or when you go 'live'.


HD Livestreaming

We make it easy to stream and engage your community...anywhere. High-definition livestream comes with every channel.


User Generated Content

Create photos, videos, or go 'live' all from your phone and share with your community.



Proprietary Image and Media Storage and Serving Technology that's unique to BrandArmy.



Organize types of subscribers, content-specific interested users, VIPs, whales, etc., with no limit on how many lists you can create.


'Everything' in a Box

There's so much more! Learn how you can launch your free or paid community in minutes!

Launch Your Community

Comes with everything from subscriptions, to accepting credit card payments, to streaming...and so much more!

BrandArmy is the all-in-one turnkey platform for free or paid online communities.

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